Christians sure love talking about how God answers their prayers.

How come we never talk about those times when God didn’t answer our prayers?

That family member who died of cancer even though we prayed daily for them to live? That job we badly needed that we didn’t get? The mental illness we asked God to rid us of, but he wouldn’t?

When are we going to stop bullshitting ourselves? When are we going to stop fooling children and non-believers into thinking the Christian life is some happy-go-lucky experience?

“He does answer prayers! But sometimes that answer is a ‘No.”

Don’t play that semantics game with me. Everyone who talks about answered prayer means it’s when God gives them what they want. Often times God doesn’t give us what we want. Even when it seems like there’s every good reason to get it, even when you’ve lived the best you can as a Christian. Sometimes, a lot of the time really, it still doesn’t happen.

We need to talk about this. I would be the one to bring it up, but nobody likes a downer. It’s not pleasant to say. And in today’s culture, if it’s not pleasant then it’s clearly not Christian.