The running theme behind my ramblings seem to be these goals:

  1. Be able to think of and experience God/Jesus not just as some variable in the cosmic math equation, but rather as a dynamic, living being.
  2. Make it so the do’s and don’t’s of Christianity aren’t just rules like s contract put on me (transactional) but rather are part of the value system by which I think, feel, and act (principles)
  3. Believe that prayer actually does something, despite seeing so many cases where prayer goes unanswered and human effort gets more things done.
  4. Related to 1, have some kind of emotional investment in the faith by really believing in my heart the attributes of God.
  5. Related to 3, actually be able to trust that God will carry out his promises – even in the face of so many cases where he seemingly did not.

I need to take a break from these ruminations for a bit. There are other things in life that need my attention.