I’ve wanted to quit the Internet, or at least severely reduce my use of it, for years. While it’s highly entertaining and informative, it takes me away from the real world. It separates me from the things happening right outside my doorstep and keeps me from building actual friendships with the people in front of me.

My biggest fear of quitting the Internet outright has been my social situation. What would I do for friends? Because for the longest time I didn’t feel like I had many good friendships in the real world, and I also had a lot of anxiety about building them. But now I’m at the point where I’m more confident, and also have established multiple friendships. So if I did away with the Internet as a means of entertainment, I think I’d be alright. I would still use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with people since that’s become my primary means.

I think I would keep Messenger and Netflix, primarily. As for entertainment, I could use what existed in the olden days. Books, board games, writing. I like to program and write so I could do those as well. Maybe open Minecraft for the first time in ages. There’s really only one online community I’m committed to staying with. But even that doesn’t require around-the-clock connection.

For the first time in ages I’m at a place where I could break the addiction if I really wanted to. It would open up a lot of free time, which would honestly be scary and disorienting. I would be really bored. But I also think I would find useful ways to fill that time, and in doing so reclaim peace of mind, and also build a greater sense of self.