I’ve never been much of an optimist. Too many things have gone wrong in my life. People have betrayed me, plans have fallen through, things have broken for utterly inexplicable and senseless reasons. Efforts have yielded underwhelming results. Things just haven’t gone as they should’ve. Everywhere I look, there’s Murphy shaking his head laughing at me.

Because of the poop-colored glasses I wear, I often do not notice what goes right in life. How many plans do go right? How many people do follow through? How much better does my life become every month, year, decade?

I’ve been musing a lot about perspective lately. How you can get the exact same set of facts and experiences, but based on your view of the world you can have entirely different reactions. I have a pessimistic outlook, but should I really? Why should I interpret my life through the perspective of “things all go wrong!”?

There are bad things that happen to me. But there are good things that happen to me as well. As a pessimist I recognize the good in my life, but I give more weight to the bad. Both are equally real, but the negative more so. Why am I like this? I don’t know. It’s how I’ve always been.

It’s not worth staying like this. A wise friend recently brought up the concept of self-fulfilling prophesies, and I’m seeing how I contribute to my own darkened outlook on life. Bad happens, but so does good. If I expect bad to happen, then I might actually contribute to making it real. But if I expect good to happen, then maybe things will turn out for the better.

It’s my choice to decide whether the positive or the negative is more real and deserving of my attention. I’ve given pessimism a lot of my life, and look where it’s gotten me. Maybe optimism is worth a shot.