The last couple months have seen me become more socially engaged than I think I’ve ever been. I’ve had multiple people make great efforts to get involved in my life, and in doing so they’ve made me become more aware of my own humanity.

These days though I feel like I’m neglecting other parts of my life. Particularly my hobbies. Being social has become a hobby of mine, it’s great to build and maintain connections with people. But I’m increasingly feeling as though I’m running out of things to offer. I’m spending so much time talking, that I don’t know if I’m actually doing anything meaningful anymore.

Recent events are making me think it’s time for me to come out of this “incubation” period. I have received so much, and happily taken it in. Am I now receiving to my own harm? In order to get, you have to give. The human heart is capitalist. Although I have been given much out of the goodness of others’ hearts, they won’t do that forever. It’s not sustainable, nor should it be expected. The good friendship of others have taught me how to be a good friend. Now it’s my turn to be a good friend to others.

It starts with me ensuring I have a rich inner life of goals, values, and hobbies that I’m working toward. This gives me purpose, and also a character people can connect to. It also gives me things to talk about. It also instills confidence in me. And with this confidence I can more readily feel prepared when reach out to my friends, and even to total strangers. I sense that an excellent new page in my life is soon arriving but if it is to come, I must be ready.