Being around people can help you see what your values are, and what you believe your ideal state of being is. Think about the people who you look up to. Those you find admirable, the role models. What is it that makes them so admirable? In those aspects you see the parts of what you consider to be the ideal way of living. For me it’s people who show incredible intelligence and understanding, because I highly value intellect and competency. It’s also people who have strong social skills and social lives, because I also value that. In my ideal world I would have deep understanding of things that interest me, and powerful social skills.

It’s important to be around people, to be plugged in a community. Or ideally, many communities. This gives a context to your life that can’t be reasonably reproduced anywhere else. And I think I’m at a point where my personal growth currently is, and will continue to be, in regards to the social aspect of life.