Today I completed a 48 hour fast! (Disclaimer: I did drink soda and iced tea during this time, in addition to water. So maybe it wasn’t a perfect fast, but it was a personal achievement.)

On Monday I challenged myself to go three days without eating. I just wanted to see if I could, and was also curious to see if I would lose any weight during the process. I’ve been at around 235 for a while now and want to get that down much further. The first day went surprisingly well. Even though my workplace has all kinds of chocolates and donuts I was totally untempted by them. Even on the second day I was alright around the candies.

The first food craving happened toward the end of the first day. I randomly desired Chipotle. Which is weird because I don’t really like Chipotle. Or more appropriately it doesn’t like me. I used to enjoy it but the flavor’s become boring to me, and it gives me bad indigestion that kicks in before I’ve even finished the burrito. On the second day I hankered for Burger King. But these cravings were very manageable.

In terms of physical hunger, it was very come-and-go and not terribly strong at any point. I probably could have gone another day or two at least!

What stopped me was the feeling of being lightheaded. I was starting to get worried I might pass out or something, or that in general it was a sign of low blood pressure. A bit of a pansy excuse but it’s more serious than it sounds. I also had a really minor headache now and then, not strong enough to stop me. Finally I did have some mind fog – apparently lack of food hurts my short-term memory. Thank goodness I have a habit of writing everything down!

I did not break my fast properly, and ate way too much. My attempts at self-control didn’t go too well. And now my body is making it quite clear it hates the sudden change! I may run out of toilet paper before tomorrow.

This experience shows me I can comfortably survive on much less food than expected. Two days of fasting that went surprisingly well. I would like to try this again, perhaps adding something light onto my fasting days that’ll keep the negative physical effects at bay. And maybe vitamins to keep my nutrition good.

I might also consider making alternate day fasting a routine. Just not eat every other day! Simple to remember and if life circumstances demand I eat on a day, that’s fine, just fast the next day!

On a psychological level this was eye opening to me. Food remains my greatest pleasure in life, so to abstain from it for two days meant losing that. I was able to keep myself busy enough to not think too much on it. It’s making me wonder now if food is actually more a distraction than a necessity sometimes.