I like thinking about truth. I often muse upon things then eventually settle on something as being true. But do I really believe it’s true? Or is it just head knowledge?

Among the interesting concepts I’ve heard from people like Jordan Peterson, is the idea that we don’t just think about truths, we embody them. If we really think something is true then we don’t simply say so in our heads, we actually live it out. This messes with me because it makes me reconsider how I understand truth. It means truth is more than just a set of statements that correspond with reality. It means that truth is something active and dynamic. It causes change.

A person’s entire worldview can be found in how they talk, act, and think. We are good at concealment and deception but not in the long run. Eventually the truth comes out, at least the truth as the person sees it. If someone believes all morals are relative, they aren’t just going to mentally believe it. They’re going to live it out. If someone is truly a conservative, or liberal, or socialist, they’re really going to live in that fashion. Through them that ideology gains a personality, a body, a mouth. When you interact with that person, what then are you really interacting with? That person, or that ideology? Are you talking to your friend, or are you talking to the concept of conservatism or socialism, embodied in the form of your friend?

Therefore truth and ideology aren’t just abstract concepts. They’re vibrant and active, with personalities and desires. Perhaps our world is actually a long winded competition between ideologies and understandings of truth, all of them looking to come out on top, using the various techniques they are willing to try in order to win. The human vessel through which those ideologies interact aren’t that important, except in cases where the nature of those vessels is what’s in question.

This is why the statement “faith without works is dead” is true. For if you trust God and think his ways are superior, then you will embody those ways and that mindset.

In my years on dating sites I’ve never seen a woman say she wants a man who thinks a lot. Every woman says she wants a man who does things. Part of this might be because she finds obsessive thinkers boring, and that’s understandable. But deep down she probably understands that you embody and act out your truth. She already does so, and she seeks someone who will express a compatible truth with her. They say that a good relationship is founded upon shared values. Values are a type of idea, a piece of truth (if only in the personal, subjective sense). In order to have the right to say you have that value, you must actually live it out!

At church we recently discussed the tripartite nature of humans. We are body, soul, spirit. One of the big takeaways has been understanding how the body is affected by the other two parts. What I’m talking about here is the relationship between soul and body. The soul has your capacity to think. Your soul undoubtedly puts strong influence on your body. So if you believe something is true in your soul, it will manifest where it can in your body. This ranges from the words you say, down to your facial expressions, body language, where you walk, where you look, what you hear, all these things. “From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”