Yesterday I did some driving practice. Last night I had a dream I was in the back of someone’s car, presumably someone who was helping me learn to drive. But we were surrounded by tornadoes – on the highway I saw two. Then I checked a storm tracking website and it showed 3 or 4 tornadoes on one of the main highways in the city, and I think a couple others as well.

We’re driving and driving and driving. At one point I realize we’re not in Manhattan anymore. I ask the driver where we’re going and I have a hard time hearing him. I deduce by looking at the map that we’re headed toward Yates Center (another Kansas city). The city isn’t in its correct location though, because IRL it’s in south eastern Kansas, not right next to Manhattan.

We arrive in what looks like a highway gas station, and both head to the bathroom. But the building turns out to be a house with several bathrooms, including one attached to a young adult man’s bedroom. So I can’t use that. I start walking around the house. Dream ends there.