They say you shouldn’t talk religion, politics, or money in polite company. These are hard, controversial topics that everyone has a very emotional opinion on. Even if their opinion is an emphatic neutral. People get riled up pretty hard and it’s easy to destroy friendships over them.

I think nutrition should be added to that list. Seriously, how is it that everyone has their own opinion on nutrition, weight loss, and all that jazz? And as though they were sages with doctorates from medical school they are quick to blurt out their knowledge, and will happily suggest do’s and don’t’s if you really want to be healthy. And if you disagree, God have mercy on your soul.

Having done my share of talking food and weight loss, I’m ready for it to become one of those “impolite” subjects, because rarely anything good comes out of it. My stances are simple, and for me quite reliable. But there are always those who question and think they know better. And maybe they do. But the haughty and cliche ways they are presented, it’s very annoying. Until we’re all willing to be more open-minded and empirical about discussing nutrition, maybe let’s leave it to the experts. Because few of us really are.