The hardest part of weight loss is having patience. I have about 50 pounds to go before I hit my current goal (170). If I were to try and do multi-day fasts and work myself extra hard, I guarantee you I would burn out in a matter of days. Then I would overeat and nullify everything I worked toward. No, losing weight is a gradual process for me. And this is frustrating, because I am an impatient Millennial. I can barely tolerate websites that take more than two seconds to load (I’m looking at you Github! Reddit!) you expect me to spend a year or two waiting for my fat and muscle ratios to become something I like? But that’s how things work, and the sooner I become comfortable with it, the better.

In the meantime I need to change my mindset. Am I still “the fat guy?” Well technically yes, but one day I won’t be. I’ve demonstrated I can lose weight, and the numbers consistently go down. Self-acceptance has always been a challenge for me, but now’s a really good time to do it. Because although one day I will be at my goal weight, it’s not going to be today. Or tomorrow. Or next month. Or six months from now. I have the body and habits that I now have, and they are changing, but not as fast as I’d like. If I tried to make them go faster there’s a good chance I would fail and undo my progress. So now’s a good time to work on that self-acceptance, because I’ve proven there’s something in me I can like, and it’s showing up more and more each day.